Dometic Rv Toilet 310 VS 320

Dometic RV Toilet 310 VS 320 : 14 Factors Discussed

Last Updated on September 12, 2022

The Dometic brand has been trusted by consumers for over 100 years for producing stylish plumbing products that enhance their comfort and efficiency. There is no doubt that this brand has earned its reputation among campers and travelers due to the quality of its RV toilets.

They are some of their top products regarding water efficiency and compact design, so it makes sense they are widely used. It has been reported that the Dometic rv toilet 310 vs 320 are two of the most popular Dometic models on the market.

We have heard of some complaints regarding the ease of use, improved hygiene, and some conveniences that have been implemented. Could you please give us more information about why this is the case? How significant is the advantage of the drawback compared to the disadvantage of the drawback? It is now time for us to see how things turn out.

Comparison Of the Two Models: Main Differences

Comparison Of the Two Models Main Differences

Standard Toilet from Dometic, Model 310

Dometic’s 310 series toilets are characterized by their compactness, which makes them an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms. The modification is very convenient and compact, does not require substantial installation spaces, and saves a lot of water. It is also very easy to clean and does not take up much space.

This model has two different heights: low profile and standard height. The seats of the toilets are made of enameled wood that closes slowly as you use them. It is important to remember that flush toilets provide exceptional hygienic conditions because you never have to touch them with your hands or press the buttons.

The system’s activation is as simple as pressing the pedal once, and the system will go into action. The 310 model Dometic rv toilet is not only equipped with a hand spray but also with a foot pump in addition to that. The amount of water you use for flushing should not exceed a pint.

To achieve such an economy, a swirl-jet action and a well-rounded bowl design were combined to achieve this. It is a common occurrence for spills to occur because there is no rim on the container. No matter what kind of motorhome you have, you will be able to enjoy it.

Whether it’s a camper van, a trailer, a truck camper, or a motorhome, a Dometic 310 will be a perfect fit in any type of vehicle. This little product is a very popular choice regarding bathroom decor because of its small size, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t also very popular when it comes to its being made of it.

The strategy has almost no drawbacks, making it the best way a person can save money today. It is very easy to implement, and it has almost no drawbacks.


  • The product is convenient and compact, and very easy to use.
  • There are two sizes as well as two colors that are available for this product.
  • Regarding hygiene, we cannot ignore the importance of foot pedal flushing.
  • The hand spray that comes with the package is also a good example.
  • Every flush requires a single pint of water to be effective.
  • The toilet seat is made of wood with a finish of enamel that has a slow closing mechanism.
  • The surface is easy to clean and can be quickly disinfected.
  • There is a straightforward installation procedure for this product.
  • There are a variety of budget-friendly options available.


  • Spills are standard when a container does not have a rim around its perimeter, leading to spills.
  • It seems that the base does not has a lot of solidities.
  • As a result of the manufacturer having serious packing issues, there is a high rate of customer complaints about broken products.

Standard Toilet from Dometic 320 Series

Standard Toilet from Dometic 320 Series

Dometic has introduced a new refrigerator, the Dometic 320 toilet series, which replaced its predecessor, the 310 series. There are several significant improvements to this toilet, the most notable ones being the bowl shape and the rim, which preserve as much of the core as possible while improving upon certain aspects. 

Manufacturers have defined it as an elongated model, which may be why the model is called that. The bowl was made oblong so that it would be easier to wash it, and it was deeper to make it easier to clean.

As a result of the product’s larger size and weight, you will need more space for installation due to the additional size and weight required. There are also options available in a standard height as well as in a low-profile version.

While a rim does have to be placed on the top of the toilet, the top of the toilet retains its ability to flush effectively despite the addition of a rim. A simple solution was to bury the flush pattern beneath the rim so that spills would not be a problem and the problem would be resolved.

This product has now been upgraded to come with a full-sized wood seat reminiscent of furniture found in residential areas. Other favorite features included in this model were the ergonomic foot pedal, the one-pint flushing system, and many other added features.

Many exciting features about this model make it an excellent alternative to the 310 series. Although some campers can handle more significant dimensions, checking before purchasing one that matches your camper’s size is essential. The design has been dramatically improved concerning the overall appearance.


  • This compact and convenient product offers convenience and portability at the same time.
  • Two sizes and colors of the design of this product can be chosen.
  • Foot pedal flushing improves the hygiene of the bathroom.
  • It serves the same purpose as the hand spray that is included in the package of the product.
  • Only one pint of water is used per flush, which is quite a small amount.
  • Featuring a wood seat with an enamel finish and a slow closure mechanism for maximum comfort.
  • There is no need for any unique cleaning products to be used on the surface.
  • Installing the system is a very straightforward process that takes only a few minutes.
  • An affordable model that does not compromise on quality.


  • There is a problem with high expenses.
  • Among them, a few things complicate the cleaning of the top part of a rim.
  • When you are sitting in the car, sometimes the seat doesn’t stay locked and moves around a lot.
  • A problem that also needs to be solved is that of packing.

The Comparison Between the Dometic 310 and the Dometic 320

The Comparison Between the Dometic 310 and the Dometic 320

If you don’t know what the differences are between two items, you can’t make any comparisons between them. Here is a comparison between two Dometic models, the 310 and the 320, that explains some of the differences between the two models.

A Comfortable Environment

The seat size will determine how comfortable it is, and there is a correlation between the size and the comfort level. A small seat is more comfortable for a small person than a large one, especially for petite women and men, as they are more susceptible to back pain.

The fact that well-known women and men tend to be at the other end of this spectrum lies in their ability to overcome problems. The bulkiest of men will likely feel uncomfortable in a small seat because they feel constrained by their size.

There will be a smaller seat for Dometic toilet model 310 and other models. The product is designed to be suitable for RVs and compatible with them. It is comfortable for women or men with small statues as it fits them perfectly.

The Dometic toilet 320, on the other hand, has an elongated seat reminiscent of a residential toilet. If you are tall and large, you’ll be able to get superior comfort in 320.

Architects and Constructions

Comfort and durability are also influenced by seat construction. Plastic seats are less durable than wooden seats of excellent quality. An enameled wood seat is available on the 320 models.

The feeling of being at home will come over you. Getting a sense of home will be a pleasant experience. The product will also be durable and durable for a long time.

Plastic seats are offered in the 310 models. Short-term performance might be good, but long-term performance cannot be sustained. When it comes to long-term use, the 320 model is the best option. There is an option to upgrade to 310.

Amount of Volume

It is usual for most people not to be concerned about the bowl capacity because there is a slight possibility that it will overflow. Some people prefer the convenience of deep-depth bowls, while others prefer shallow bowls. 

This Dometic 320 model is equipped with a large bowl of vitreous ceramic made from deep material. There are a lot of people who love elongated bowls, so you will love this model if you are one of them. The 310 is also available as an option for those who are interested.

While the bowl may be small in size, it has a reasonable depth despite its small size. It might not matter very much to a man of average size if these toilets are located in a smaller area. The bowl depth here does not need to be considered as it is irrelevant.

How Flushes are Designed and How Much Water They Use?

The flush design of the 310 is another way to distinguish it from the 320, enabling you to differentiate them. Both models have numerous flushing options, including gravity flushing and foot pedal flushing.

You can adjust the amount of water to meet your needs, depending on how much water you need. An RV toilet with a rimless vortex flush pattern can be easily installed and maintained, and such a toilet is available from Dometic. No cleaning up is required with this product since it is very easy to clean.

The effectiveness of this method is exceptional. It is not as important to follow hygiene rules here as in other places because hygiene is not as important. Even if splashes do not occur as often as in the past, they can still occur.

A pressurized flushing system is optional on model 320 and adds to the machine. If you need to clean your bowl, you can use the pressurized function in conjunction with a pint of water in a bowl.

This device also prevents splashes from occurring due to its ability to prevent them. The maintenance of this machine is also more demanding than the maintenance of the 310, which is why it requires more attention.

RV toilets: How long should I flush them?

A Size and Weight Comparison

Taking the Dometic 310 and the Dometic 320 into consideration, you should also weigh them and compare their overall sizes when comparing them. When you have an RV, there might not be any reason to have a toilet that occupies a lot of space.

You might also want to consider a large one to make you feel comfortable if that is what you need. The RV you have has more space than the 310 because it concentrates its space on this vehicle area. When making RVs compatible with car motors, they may have to make some concessions regarding comfort.

It is also essential to consider the weight of the RV toilets since they are heavy, so we need to consider that as well. Weights are different for models 320 and 310 because they are made from different materials. While the 320 weighs 37.5 pounds, the 310 only weighs 23.5 pounds, whereas the 320 weighs 37.5 pounds.

This might seem small to some people, but believe me when I say it is not a big deal. It is important to note that there is a significant difference between 14 and 15 pounds.

The Dometic 310 and the Dometic 320 have some similarities

The Dometic 310 and the Dometic 320 have some similarities

By being familiar with the similarities and the key differences between these two options, you will be able to make a more informed decision. The following are some of the similarities that exist between these two Dometic models.

Construction of Bowls

Toilet bowls play a crucial role in the performance of the toilet as they play a key role in making the toilet operate as it should. The materials used in the construction process must be of excellent quality to ensure durability and strength.

As an added benefit, it’s good to know that the 310 and 320 are made of 100 percent vitreous ceramic, giving you the peace of mind that they will last a lifetime. Because of the durability of the enamel coating applied to both models, this is expected to make them last much longer.

It does not have any scratches on the surface, remains shiny and smooth for a long time, is scratch-free, and is long-lasting, so there is no need to worry about scratches.

Pneumatic Pedals

Keeping RV toilets clean is of the utmost importance, especially in outdoor toilets. You should always make sure that they are clean at all times. A foot pedal can make it much easier to maintain hygiene in a household if you use it to keep the water pump clean.

With gravity-flush and foot pedals, you have access to this opportunity, and you can take advantage of it. You can flush the toilet bowl with your foot by stepping on it. Using this product makes it possible to maintain a high level of hygiene at all times.

Height of the Seat

There is a direct link between the level of comfort of a seat and its height, and there is a direct correlation between the two. Several factors can lead to an uncomfortable seat.

One of these factors is whether the seat is positioned up or down. It is also important to remember that not every height is suitable for everyone, so you must keep this in mind to find the right height for you.

This is why the 310 and 320 models have a standard height of 18 inches in design, which is why they are designed to conform to the standard height standard of 18 inches for the 310 and 320 models. This vehicle comes with both low-profile seating models with a height of 14 inches and models with 320.

Process of Installing

There is absolutely nothing you need to do to take care of the installation of either model since they are both straightforward. The installation procedure for either model is the same regardless of the model. Thanks to the two-bolt installation, you can easily install them since they are available in various designs.

Installing the toilets in your RV will take less than an hour and won’t cost you a lot of money. There is no need to connect the water line to these units, so installation is even easier since the water connection line is easily accessible.

Sprayer for Hand Cleaning

There is a sprayer that can be used to compensate for the lack of flushing in the toilet. This device can be helpful. The 310 and 320 models have the option of a hand sprayer, which can be fitted to either model. A sprayer does cleaning and rinsing the toilets much more accessible, allowing you to do it more quickly.

Bringing It All In Brief

This contest would be won by the Dometic 320, and that would be the winner today. There was no doubt in our minds that spending a bit more to get a better design was well worth the extra money. The size, as well as the height, of this sofa, made it far more comfortable for us overall.

A wooden seat also has some other benefits, which are worth mentioning. We believed that by simply adding water and flushing entirely, we would be able to achieve water savings that would be significant. The Dometic 310 has the perfect size and height for people of all sizes and heights, but it is also the perfect shape for everyone.

Although the RV seat is not elongated, it is a comfortable one, which is why it is a good choice for RV use. Our decision in selecting the Dometic310 was based simply on its flush, not necessarily due to its design or value for money, but simply due to its performance.

It is probably the essential thing that you can do to keep your toilet clean and to keep it looking brand new at all times to keep it clean and looking brand new. There was an increase in power due to the 360-degree vortex flush design that created a 360-degree vortex.

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